The UNESCO Chair in Distance Education is located at the School of Education at the University of Brasília.

This site focused on Open Education. It is focused on two periods. First, the UNESCO Chair in Open Education (NIED/ Unicamp) which ran from 2014-2018. Secondly, since November 2018, to showcase the work at the UNESCO Chair in Distance Education.

This is a personal page, organized by Dr. Tel Amiel who coordinated the Chair at Unicamp from its inception until its closing, and who coordinates the Chair at UnB since November 2018. This page does not showcase all work done by the UnB Chair which was officially inaugurated in 1994. Posts related to work done previously, at the Unicamp chair are marked under a specific category.

We conduct research and develop software, instructional materials and courses and support organizations and groups interested in open education (OE) and open educational resources (OER), with a focus on/about basic education and teacher professional development. We work together with other UNESCO, ICDE e COL Chairs in OER and Open Education.

Basic site information is available in three languages (Portuguese, and English), though most postings are only presented in Portuguese.

Image: Fragment of map by Alberto Cantino, showing Brasil (note “Porto Seguro” and “Rio de Brasil”), 1502. Public domain, from:  http://gallica.bnf.fr/