Public policy for open textbooks

Date 08/12/2019 - present
Situation Active

This project seeks to investigate a new model for textbooks purchases by the federal government in light of the new High School Curriculum approved in 2018. The Federal Textbook program in Brazil is one of the largest in the word, with annual expenditures of over one and a half billion reais.

The research begins with a mapping of cases from other countries and some examples from Brazil involving both open license models. We also gather experiences from in similar fields, such as audiovisual production.

The first step of the project is to review existing projects, analyzing them in light of the limitations and numerous specificities of the acquisition model currently used in the PNLD.

Second, the content analysis will bring out the historical trajectories of the program itself, seeking innovations and historical possibilities within the scope of the existing program.

Third, a current mapping of the interested actors, power relations, and formulation of public education policies in Brazil will be done, including through models of usually associated with public policy. We will explore argumentative lines that involve the concentration of the editorial market and its strength as a political pressure group, the process of pricing and negotiation of the materials in question and the positive externalities of the contemporary political context.

Finally, the project aims to analyze the current context and the problems the model will face in light of the challenges opened by the new model of ‘formative itineraries’ (students should now be able to choose different paths in their high school career, defined at each state, which limits the standard offering of textbooks). Through the analysis of the current model, existing proposals in other contexts, and the challenges proposed by the new curriculum, we seek to propose a new model of acquisition of educational resources for the PNLD.

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