Ignacio Aranciaga

Doctor of Social Sciences and Humanities. Educational Technology Program: e-learning and knowledge management. University of the Balearic Islands, Spain. He is a research professor at the National University of Southern Patagonia (UNPA), where he works on issues of academic management of Distance Learning, processes of virtualization of undergraduate and graduate courses and institutional evaluations of the virtual modality. He currently co-directs the Master’s Degree in Education in Virtual Environments at UNPA and directs research projects at the Institute of Education and Citizenship. UNPA-UACO.

He is a member of the EduVirtual Program of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the National University of Entre Rios (FCEDU-UNER) and the Institute of Social Studies INES-Conicet-UNER. He directs the research project Analysis and evaluation of pedagogical and management practices mediated by technologies at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the UNER: The EduVirtual Program and is a member of the Commission of the Institutional System of Distance Learning of this University.

Member of the FCEDU-UNER Academic Committee for Specialized Production of Educational Contents and Digital Environments.

He is a member of the Argentine University Network of Distance Learning (RUEDA) and a partner of EDUTEC.

Category II of the Teacher-Searcher Program and has publications in national and international books and magazines. He is an evaluator of the Coneau of Institutions, Institutional Systems of Distance Learning, new courses and the operation of the distance learning option.

He is a postgraduate professor at the National Universities of La Plata, Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Misiones, Northwest, South Patagonia, La Matanza, Entre Ríos, San Luis, Río Negro and Córdoba.

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Institution National University of Southern Patagonia (UNPA)
Date 07/01/2020 - present
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