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Surveillance Capitalism and Public Education

An initiative by academics and civil society that aims to gather data about the increasing number of partnerships between large technological corporations and higher education institutions and school systems. The project show this relationship through…


OER in MERCOSUL: Recommendation and Action Plan

A blueprint for OER advocacy around the region.


Mapping of OE/OER initiativas

Mapping OER in Brazil


Janaina de Almeida Sousa

Federal Government and UnB


Public policy for open textbooks

Analyze new opportunities and models for the acquisition of educational resources under PNLD.


Tassiana Carvalho

Bachelor Degrees in Political Science (UnB-2005), Specialist in Human Rights Policy Management (Enap-2014) and currently a Masters students in Education (UnB). Since 2011 is acting as specialist in public policy and government management at the…