Open Education and OER: An open course

Financiamento CAPES
Parceiros Federal Univeristy of ABC, Instituto Educadigital
Date 07/08/2016 - present
Situation Active

The project aims to build a new open course on Open Educational Resources and Open Education. The course focuses on higher education, particularly the 100+ public institutions that are part of the Open University of Brazil (UAB).

A first offer of the course will take place early 2018 to approximately 3 participantes from each institutions (300+ total). Our aim is to provide awareness on the main issues and concerns and provide an opportunity for those that are familiar with the concepts to exchange ideas and dwell deeper in some of the more complex issues, and think of practical models for advancing this agenda in their institutions.

Late 2018 a second version of the course will be focused on promoting OER/OE ‘ambassadors’ in each institutions, focusing on a more hands-on, practical approach to actual implementation by these actors in their institutions in the form of local policy, institutional professional development or other area of focus.