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This site is focused on projects related to the UNESCO Chair in Open Education at the University of Campinas (Brazil) also known as UNICAMP. It was inaugurated October 11, 2014. The site and its blog are maintained by the Chairholder, Tel Amiel, a researcher at NIED.

The Chair and associated researchers currently develop projects in partnership with UEL, UFF, UnB e Athabasca University. Recent projects have had support from UNESCO-Brazil, Hewlett Foundation and CAPES. We promote the GO-GN doctoral student network, participate in the OER World Map project and collaborate closely with OER Brazil.

The site itself (Educação Aberta) site was inaugurated prior to that, in 2011, as a page for a working group housed by NIED. In the transition to this new site with a focus on the Chair’s activities, we have maintained many of the older relevant postings that do not pertain to the Chair’s work.

The UNESCO Chair in Open Education has as its focused the development of research projects, development of materials and teaching with a special interest in Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Education, with a particular focus on basic education and teacher professional development.

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Núcleo de Informática Aplicada à Educação
Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)
Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz – Bloco V da Reitoria – 2º Piso
Campinas, SP 13083-970

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